Hall of Fame

I would just like to say this is not everyone who has passed there test with me since I have had a website. So if there is any one out their who passed there test with me and would like there photo on my hall of fame you can Email it to me or you can find me on facebook. 

Laura H.jpg      Charlotte E.JPG     Emily H.JPG    Josh C.JPG

      Laura H                        Charlotte E                     Emily H                         Josh C

louis.jpg       Dan B.JPG      Michelle A.jpg     Andy T.JPG

        Louis                          Dan B                        Michelle A                          Andy T

Natasha E.jpg     Peter D.JPG      Rob W.jpg      Molly S.JPG

   Natasha E                         Peter D                            Rob W                         Molly S


Luke L.jpg     Nickola M.jpg     Charlie M.JPG     Elisha S.JPG

         Luke L                     Nickola M                           Charlie M                     Elisha S 

Joe N.jpg     Annabelle K.JPG     Lauren I.JPG     Rachel R.JPG

        Joe N                       Annabelle K                    Lauren I                         Rachel R

Mark J.jpg     Becky W.jpg      Mark W.jpg      Missy G.jpg

         Mark J                      Becky W                       Mark W                           Missy G

Joe K.jpg     Abbie F.jpg      Jenny O.jpg      Mike M.JPG

         Joe K                        Abbie F                      Jenny O                            Mike M

kate M.jpg     Gary H.jpg      Leanne P.jpg     Lauren B.JPG

        Kate M                       Gary H                        Leanne P                       Lauren B

Matty A.jpg      Greg M.JPG     Alex E.JPG     Emma D.jpg

         Matty A                    Greg M                        Alex E                        Emma D

Bronte T.jpg      Josh L.jpg     Louise L.JPG     Millie D.JPG

        Bronte T                     Josh L                       Louise L                             Millie D

Rosie Y.JPG     Rachel C.JPG     Kimberley A.JPG     Sammi J.JPG

        Rosie Y                      Rachel C                    Kimberley A                          Sam J 

Jack B.JPG      James A.JPG        

       Jack B                         James A                                         





Latest News

Congratulations to Andy T on passing your test in Chester on Tuesday 12th February.

Andy T.JPG

Congratulations to Josh C on passing your driving test in Chester on Monday 4th March. Get in there.

Josh C.JPG


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